September 01, 2003

Aqualectra Curaçao introduces the PowerFactory Monitor

Just in time – 4 weeks prior to commercial operation – a DIgSILENT PowerFactory Monitoring system was commissioned at Aqualectra's "New Diesel Station" which is located at ISLA Refinery premises close to the 60 MW BOO plant commissioned early this year. The 33.6 MW diesel station is operated with 4 units 8.4 MW each connected via setup-transformer to Aqualectra's new 66 kV substation.

The PowerFactory Monitoring system (PFM) is supervising all diesel units as well as the 11/66 kV switch gear via a total of 64 analogue and 12 digital signals. Making use of the PowerFactory soft-transducer technology, PFM signal connection are directly made to available CTs and VTs. All interesting quantities such as active/reactive power, RMS voltages and currents, power factor, frequency and harmonics are calculated via software based on a user-specific, flexible measurement setup. In addition to RMS quantities, phasor quantities and instantaneous values are available too for recording in different time frames.

DIgSILENT's PFM is a combination of a Fault Recorder and a Monitoring System. A total of three data streams are available for permanent monitoring (SCADA function) and fault recording, featuring instantaneous recording of CT/VT and digital signals quantities over a time range of a couple of seconds and RMS value recording over a time range of several minutes. This technique allows capturing of relay relevant data as well as long term system data observing frequency and voltage dips but also voltage- and power-/frequency control quantities under system wide aspects.

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