September 27, 2002

DIgSILENT about to complete Load Measurements and Load Modeling Project for TRANSNOA, Argentina

DIgSILENT's involvement in CAMMESA's project called "Formacion de Islas" for the NOA region has prioritised the need to fundamentally improve their system studies validity with respect to large scale voltage and frequency excursions. As the project "Formacion de Islas" was implemented to develop criteria which should allow to safely separate the various areas from the central supply system of Argentina in case of major system upset conditions, it became obvious that a profound knowledge on the load characteristics would be most decisive for designing and adjusting such area islanding schemes.

Especially the northern region of Argentina (provinces Tucuman, Salta, Catamarca, etc.) is characterized by a high percentage in air conditioning load during the summer period (November – March) where the ambient temperature could reach some 35-45 deg Celsius. A high percentage of motor load such air cons and sugar industry located near the point of area separation would eventually prevent voltage recovery after area separation.

TRANSNOA contracted DIgSILENT to perform a series of load measurements at relevant substations. Using the latest PowerFactory Monitoring system, load measurements have been completed indicating drastically varying load characteristics at the various load centers. Clear load categories such as "industrial", "commercial" and "residential" have been identified indicating a wide range of load inertia as well as voltage and frequency dependency. Load parameter identification is based on the PowerFactory software (parameter identification toolbox) which is directly linked to the measurements via appropriate frame and slot definitions. Walter v. Ledebur, who is executing this project confirmed again: "the integration of the PowerFactory software with the monitoring hardware is providing the most efficient tool to get estimated load parameter within the same integrated environment".

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