December 15, 2015

DIgSILENT announces the January release of PowerFactory 2016

DIgSILENT announces the new PowerFactory Version 2016, due to be released at the end of January, 2016.

In the PowerFactory 2016 release a portfolio of new capabilities and features for improved result visualisation and graphical representation will be added. Moreover, the 2016 release will integrate a variety of new models and will provide a multitude of improvements regarding calculation performance via the incorporation of advanced parallelisation techniques. In addition, the new version will come with a completely redesigned look, making the handling more intuitive and improving workflow.

PowerFactory 2016 product highlights will include among others:

  • New Network Model Manager with grouping and filter functionality
  • Improved workflow through redesigned user interface
  • Diagram Layout Tool for auto-drawing of network diagrams
  • Integration of plots in network diagrams
  • View Bookmarks for improved navigation
  • Significantly improved performance by new parallelisation features as well as Task Automation command
  • QV Curves Calculation as new Transmission Network Tool
  • Phase Balance Optimisation as new Distribution Network Tool
  • Improved Reliability Assessment by Contribution to Indices
  • Cable Ampacity calculation based on IEC 60287 or Neher-McGrath method
  • Network reduction method based on REI equivalents
  • New Frequency Analysis tool including Prony Analysis
  • Enhanced electrical models such as extended synchronous machine models, power electronic converter models (MMC, HVDC Control Modes), and a new Universal Line Model (ULM), etc.
  • New convenient functions for plots (statistic labels, moving/sliding and compression, digital signal plots, fault recorder view, etc.)
  • Compliance with ENTSO-E Profile CGMES based on CIM 16

Important Information:

Please note that in PowerFactory 2016, the licensing technology will be changed. For customers using PowerFactory 15.x and previous versions, it is important to note that PowerFactory 2016 will not automatically work with the old USB hardlocks anymore. This implies that customers who wish to move from former versions to PowerFactory 2016 will need to migrate their former licence.

Detailed information on this is given in Chapter 11 of the document "What's New in PowerFactory 2016".This document can be downloaded from our Download Area for "Registered Users".

With the release of PowerFactory 2016, end of January 2016, you will be able to apply for licence migration via our contact form.


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For more information on new features and enhancements please also refer to
this document.

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