February 06, 2003

DIgSILENT GmbH at ETG conference, Mannheim

DIgSILENT was present at the ETG conference (Mannheim, Feb. 4th and 5th) by a stand manned by Dr. Jürgen Backes and Ir. Jasper van Casteren. The stand gave a good overview of the capabilities of the PowerFactory software. Special focus was given to the latest reliability calculation features in the PowerFactory program. The stand was well visited and there was ample time and opportunity to convince the audience of the seamless integration of the reliability assessment in the PowerFactory environment, the ease of which reliability calculations can be carried out and the practically of the results. The interested response of the audience showed that the reliability module does meet the needs of today's planning departments.

The PowerFactory reliability assessment functions were presented by showing the various features of the reliability module:

  • the failure models for lines, cables, transformers, busbars, etc.
  • the flexible and versatile load models, which include load profiles, load growth models, interruption costs functions, transfer and shedding mechanisms.
  • the analyzing command itself, which allows for both, a Monte-Carlo simulation or a fast analytic analysis, and from which all possible options can be set to control the reliability analysis in detail.
  • the novel mechanism for user-defined failure effect analysis
  • the unique models and techniques for fast and realistic interruption costs calculations

With the current set of reliability assessment features, DIgSILENT believes to have a very useful and versatile analyzing tool, ideal for bench-marking, investment justification, operational analyses or network optimization. Future extension and improvements of the reliability assessment module will even add to the power of this module of the PowerFactory program.

DIgSILENT thanks the ETG organisation for a very successful conference.

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