December 12, 2013

DIgSILENT releases PowerFactory 15.1

PowerFactory 15.1 is the next development milestone in the successful story of product releases, including various new features and a large variety of major improvements in functionality. Besides, the new release comes with a broad range of new electrical models and extensions to the existing modelling suite. With its rich modelling capabilities for variable loads and distributed generation such as PV, fuel cells, wind generation and battery storage, PowerFactory is perfectly suited for network planning and operation studies of increasingly smart grids.

PowerFactory 15.1 product highlights include among others:

  • Quasi-Dynamic Simulation Tool for execution of medium- to long-term simulations
  • New Time and Time-Profile Characteristics for simplified modelling of (recurrent) time series
  • Protection Coordination Assistant for automated calculation of protection settings
  • Support of additional Arc-Flash standard BGI/GUV-I 5188
  • Enhanced Network Graphics including protection devices and explicit neutral wiring
  • DC Short-Circuit Calculation (IEC 61660, ANSI/IEEE 946)
  • Power Quality Assessment according to D-A-CH-CZ guideline for grid connection requests
  • New electrical models such as PV system with integrated power calculation based on solar radiation, DC battery and DC machine models, Impulse Source for EMT studies, Series RLC Filter, etc.
  • Various model improvements for, e.g. two- and three-winding transformers (additional tap changers, extended phase shifter model), shunt (measurement tables), static generators, station controller, etc.
  • Integration of Python scripting module for unlimited opportunities in process automation
  • Project Archiving mechanisms
  • Microsoft Windows desktop app certification, including new Workspace concepts, and simplified software configuration principles
  • ...

The installation files can be retrieved from our new DIgSILENT Download Area. For more information on new features and enhancements, please refer also to the document "What's New in PowerFactory 15.1", which is also made available on the download platform.

PowerFactory 15.1 initially is available as an English version. Releases in other languages will follow subsequently.



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