February 04, 2002

DIgSILENT plans the first German Offshore Windpark

End January 2002: DIgSILENT GmbH has been awarded the electrical design studies contract for the first German offshore windpark "Borkum West" by PROKON Nord GmbH. Although the installed capacity, some 60 MW, is only in the mid-range, there are a number of other aspects that qualify "Borkum West" as an extraordinary project.

  • 12 units with 5 MW each, either direct driven synchronous generators or double-fed asynchronous generators with rotor diameters of some 160 m
  • The 60 MW windpark will be connected to the E.ON system at 220 kV SS "Emden" via 75 km offshore cable and a further 45 km onshore section on either 66 kV or 110 kV voltage level.

The long distance from the windpark to the grid connection point of some 120 km makes a number of special design studies required. Using the most flexible and accurate DIgSILENT PowerFactory software the following studies are being performed:

  • Load flow analysis for various grid integration options, optimization of voltage levels and cable alternatives;
  • Determination of most economic reactive compensation and voltage control options
  • Fault analysis studies, earthing concept and component sizing
  • Determination of switching overvoltages and transient recovery voltages (TRV)
  • Harmonic scan and filter sizing
  • Verification of E.ON Connection Conditions in terms of transient response, harmonic penetration and flicker, reactive power characteristics and voltage control as well as fault response and fault current contribution.

The project implementation, which is also supported by Prof. Osswald from University Hannover, is benefiting very much from the comprehensive experience of DIgSILENT experts in the field of wind power modeling and design analysis. Especially the PowerFactory software with its comprehensive models for power electronic devices and the double-fed asynchronous machine, and its capability to perform integrated RMS/EMT studies allow for a detailed analysis of the very complex system.

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