March 26, 2004

DIgSILENT responds to increasing Demand for Consulting Services on EMT Simulation and Analysis

As a result of extensive experience solving customer's issues, DIgSILENT has mastered the know-how and tools to provide sound technical consulting services on the analysis of Electromagnetic Transients (EMT).

In the last years, DIgSILENT has responded to a substantial increase in international orders for related studies in utility systems and industrial plants including verification of insulation coordination, location and sizing of surge protection, capacitor and filter switching, overhead line switching, voltage magnification and lightning overvoltage calculations.

In addition to the associated solutions provided to the customers, these applications combined with In-house research activities resulted in the creation of a number of specific tools that are being added selectively to PowerFactory in the standard library or as built-in models.

Among these tools we can cite:
  • Multi mode traveling wave line model
  • Overhead line model with frequency dependant parameters
  • Routines for Statistical analysis of switching operations observing pole displacements of switching devices (DPL Application)
  • Breaker Model for re-ignition representation (DSL model)
  • Lightning Stroke Current Sources (DSL Model)
  • Insulator Model for Flashover and Back-flashover simulations with time dependent dielectric strength (DSL Model)
  • Tower Footing resistance with soil ionization effect for back-flashover simulations (DSL Model)
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