January 07, 2004

DIgSILENT to define Wind Power Reference Models and Benchmarks

DIgSILENT has initiated at FGW (Fördergesellschaft Wind) a working group for defining reference models and benchmark systems for large wind power parks. The reference models cover all kind of wind generator technologies, wind park layouts and grid integration aspects such as HVAC connections and DC connections via classical HVDC systems as well as HVDC-VSC (HVDC Light, Plus, etc.). They are especially defined for large wind parks (500 MW and above) being remotely connected (e.g. off-shore wind parks).

The steady sate, dynamic and transient simulation models are highly accurate representing latest and specific manufacturer technology.

In general, for all reference models benchmarks will be defined under the consideration of various upset conditions.

The reference models and benchmarks will be developed and implemented on basis of the DIgSILENT PowerFactory software.

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