September 15, 2003

DIgSILENT to supervise dena-study for wind power expansion up to 2020

DIgSILENT GmbH has been contracted by dena GmbH / Berlin to provide expertise, supervision and quality control for the dena study called "Energiewirtschaftliche Planung für die Netzintegration von Windenergie in Deutschland an Land und Offshore bis zum Jahr 2020". The study executed by a consortium of German transmission companies and EWI.

The "dena Grid Study" shall determine the technical and economical feasibility for the implementation of 20 000 MW offshore wind power in the North See and East See.

DIgSILENT involvement is required for the following aspects:

  • Development of Benchmark Systems for various wind power generator technologies (e.g. variable speed doubly-fed induction machine, variable speed full converter drive with synchronous machine, fixed speed direct connected asynchronous generator)
  • Development of Benchmark Systems for wind park connection alternatives such as connections via AC, HVDC and HVDC Light
  • Verification and development of adopted Connection Conditions for large wind parks
  • Review and approval of the grid studies presented by the "dena Consortium" with respect to:
    1. Transmission system development up to the 2020
    2. Wind park integration
    3. System reliability, voltage stability, supply quality
    4. Dynamic aspects (transient stability, voltage recovery, oscillations)
    5. Replacement of conventional power plants
    6. Primary- and secondary control requirements; spinning reserve
    7. Investment costs / operation costs

For more information see: Deutsche Energie Agentur / Berlin

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