March 20, 2015

Ergon Energy Australia adopts PowerFactory

SPARQ Solutions provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to Queensland's electricity suppliers, Energex and Ergon Energy.  Ergon Energy identified a requirement to upgrade their old power system modelling software.  Following a review of internationally available electrical power system network modelling software tools for use by Ergon Energy, SPARQ identified DIgSILENT PowerFactory as compliant with Ergon Energy requirements.

SPARQ requested members of the IT Panel with system  integration knowledge and experience to provide a complete integrated solution with power system modelling tools, the objective  being  to populate the power system modelling software with data from various external sources.  These data links were required as part of the solution.

SPARQ awarded the integration project to Accenture and placed an order for DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory for Ergon’s power system analysis needs. DIgSILENT is supporting Accenture with PowerFactory interface professional support services.

The project is executed by DIgSILENT Pacific Melbourne / Australia

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