November 10, 2014

European TSO user group workshop

DIgSILENT welcomed around 30 participants from eleven Transmission System Operators at its first European TSO user group workshop that took place in Gomaringen on November 4th-5th, 2014.

The two-day workshop offered users from the transmission sector a platform to share knowledge and experiences, and an introduction to the recently-released PowerFactory version 15.2. Participants presented their PowerFactory-based solutions for power system planning and operation, with a focus on special issues such as model structure and governance, implementation of business processes (DACF, etc.), interfaces to external databases (GIS, SCADA) and data exchange with third parties (DNOs, etc.), as well as typical calculation cases. In addition, DIgSILENT's engineers held various presentations on dynamic performance enhancements in the new PowerFactory version, status of the development of the CIM interface (CGMES) and practical application cases; in particular concerning the modelling of HVDC systems and risk assessment of sub-synchronous resonance.

The workshop closed with an open discussion about future requirements, motivating users to provide suggestions on specific software features and functions that would assist in addressing their challenges.

The atmosphere over the two days was pleasant and relaxed, and all participants agreed that the workshop should be an annual event. 



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