February 17, 2011

Final Report "Capacity Credit of Wind Generation in South Africa" published

Last year, a consortium of GIZ, ESKOM and the South African Department of Energy contracted DIgSILENT for carrying out studies assessing the capacity credit of wind generation in South Africa.
The studies are looking at different scenarios for 2015 and 2020 and provide an outlook for a situation with up 25 000MW of wind generation in South Africa.

Special thanks to ESKOM and Windlab Developments South Africa who contributed to the studies by providing the required input data. ESKOM provided load and generation data and information about prospective wind farm sites. Windlab Developments South Africa generated wind speed time series with hourly resolution for the selected sites.

The respective report is available here

The simulations have been carried out using the PowerFactory function "Generation Adequacy", which will part of PowerFactory version 14.1 (currently available as beta-version). Besides actual results relating to the South African transmission system, the report provides a useful insight into typical applications of the new PowerFactory function "Generation Adequacy".

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