February 28, 2013

First Place for DIgSILENT Robotics Team at the Robot Game in Madrid

DIgSILENT Robotics Team gets the ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD and the MECHANICAL DESIGN AWARD at the First Lego League Competition in Madrid

Since 2011, DIgSILENT Ibérica has been involved in supporting very young future engineers and programmers as part of our Social Responsibility Program. FIRST LEGO League® (www.firstlegoleague.org) is a robotics program for 10 to 16 year old kids, designed to motivate them about science and technology. The challenge this year was called SENIOR SOLUTIONS.

DIgSILENT Ibérica created a robotics team in October 2011 composed of friends and schoolmates from different nationalities. One adult coach and one mentor from DIgSILENT Ibérica committed themselves to invest time and energy enough with the team to succeed in a very ambitious project: to help the children have fun while getting comfortable with technology and face a real-world problem. After a successful experience in 2012, new members joined us and the group became so huge that it was split in two teams. DIgSILENT Lions and DIgSILENT Cyborgs were born in September 2012. Two coaches and one mentor were appointed to launch this new adventure.

Both teams worked in parallel to design, build and program their LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT robot (DIgXIE 1.0 and DIgXIE 2.0) to solve the missions in the Robot Game. Along the way, they identified and conducted research to improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities. Two SENIOR PARTNERS helped us: Teo and Charlie. The DIgSILENT Lions team worked on an innovative solution to help people like Teo suffering from back pain. They designed a pull-ease shopping bag with a battery-powered mobile scissor lift platform inside. The scope was to take the strain out of all lifting tasks, like lifting merchandise to the check-out counter during shopping or lifting again the pantry essentials to store them at home. The DIgSILENT Cyborgs team worked on a software solution: an integrated platform to solve day-a-day problems to high-tech seniors. Charlie, our SENIOR PARTNER is highly connected to new technologies, but sometimes he gets into troubles. One of these days his computer will fly through the window! To avoid this, the team worked in a platform integrating useful applications for seniors under the principle of keeping it simple and easy.

During the course of the First Lego League Competition that took place on the 23rd February in Madrid, the DIgSILENT Lions won the Robot Game (First Place!) and got two robot awards:

  • ROBOT MECHANICAL DESIGN AWARD: This award recognizes a team that designs and develops a mechanically sound robot that is durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions.
  • ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD: This award recognizes a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game. Teams have a chance to compete in at least three 2.5 minute matches and their highest score counts.

DIgSILENT Cyborgs performed very well at the Robot Game and won the third place behind the Lions. Both teams had a lot of fun and encouraged each other to win, we are so grateful for their commitment and demonstrated teamwork! Some of them are already thinking about next year’s challenge…NATURE’S FURY…or maybe…DIgSILENT’S FURY?

¡Aúpa equipos!

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