August 01, 2009

ISLA Refineria Curaçao awarded DIgSILENT with a rehabiliation and expansion study.

On August 1st, 2009 ISLA Refineria Curaçao has awarded DIgSILENT GmbH for the execution of the conceptualization study "Upgrading Electrical Power Distribution System Refineria ISLA Curaçao". Background for this study is the refinery rehabilitation and expansion project allowing the operation of one of the world's oldest and largest refineries for another 20 years also complying with up-to-date environmental requirements.

In addition to the replacement of electrical infrastructure which has reached EOL, production capacity expansion will lead to substantial load increase requiring complete restructuring of the refinery distribution system as well as the interconnection to the main power supply area.

The contract covers detailed grid expansion and rehabilitation measures incl. steady state and transient analysis as well as comprehensive component sizing and protection concept implementation to cope with latest engineering practices for refineries as well as the development of detailed project implementation plans and cost analysis. A major challenge in such a project is of course the definition of solutions having minimum impact on the refinery's production capabilities.

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