May 31, 2011

National Grid / UK publishes 2011 Seven Year Statement

Today, on the 31st of May 2011, National Grid has published the 2011 Seven Year Statement or "SYS" to the industry. The "SYS" is published on a yearly basis and provides a conclusive reference document related to the interconnected power transmission system of England, Scotland and Wales.

This year is the first time that National Grid has used PowerFactory to support the production of the SYS. This represents a very important milestone in National Grid's implementation of PowerFactory. The implementation project included:

  • Complete remodeling of the England/Scotland/Wales power system on a switch and component (S&C) basis.
  • Creation of transmission & distribution overview diagrams and detailed substation diagrams of all 400kV, 275kV, 132kV and generation substations, plus representation of voltages down to 11kV.
  • Implementation of interfaces to external databases.
  • Implementation of National Grid-specific procedures and reports using DPL.
  • Development of additional PowerFactory software built-in features and functionality to meet the planning and operational needs of National Grid.
  • Training in excess of 100 power system engineers.

The complete document is available on National Grid's website at http://www.nationalgrid.com/uk/Electricity/SYS/

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