March 14, 2010

Plant performance tests and PSS tuning at Petronas refinery, PP(M)SB, Malacca completed

PP(M)SB Refinery, Malacca has requested DIgSILENT to perform extensive plant performance tests comprising AVR and PSS tuning, UEL / OEL settings verification as well as gas turbine primary response capability tests, at their recently commissioned CoGen plant. Background of the project is Petronas' concept to operate the refinery self-sufficiently but with connection to the public grid closed to cope for plant contingencies such as unit trips.

However, in critical situations when being isolated from the external grid, the CoGen plant shall cover loss of own generation units, allow for riding through major short circuits including complete plant load re-start in shortest possible time without production interruption. Basis requirements are therefore high performance settings of all prime mover and AVR/excitation systems.

The tests have been executed in coordination with GE, Siemens and Brush. In cases where build-in recording techniques were not available, the DIgSILENT PowerFactory Monitor was used for efficient recording to cover integrated recording and monitoring as well as for PSS tuning. The need of PSS (Power System Stabilizers) was identified in previous studies executed by DIgSILENT during the CoGen design phase which are especially required for certain operation scenarios of the external grid.

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