November 16, 2015

PowerFactory 15.2.6 now available

DIgSILENT has released a new service pack PowerFactory 15.2.6. This service pack comes with a series of improvements over the previous version.

All registered users, can retrieve the corresponding installation files from the DIgSILENT Download Area. For more information on new enhancements and fixes, please refer to the Release Notes and the What's New documents, which are also made available on the download platform.

PowerFactory 15.2 completes the successful series of PowerFactory version 15 releases. The latest release comes with a broad range of new functions, new electrical models and extensions to the existing modelling suite. Special attention has been paid to improved calculation and simulation performance. Moreover, a variety of new features for improved result visualisation and graphical representation has been made available. With its rich analysis and modelling capabilities, PowerFactory is perfectly suited for network planning and operation studies of increasingly smart grids.

PowerFactory 15.2 product highlights include among others:

  • General improvement of calculation speed (enhanced algorithms and improved data structures)
  • Significantly improved dynamic simulation performance
  • Generic C Interface for controller models with automatic DSL to C converter
  • New and flexible Heatmap background colouring scheme
  • Background Maps representation automated via mapping server interface (e.g. Open Street Map)
  • Navigation Pane facility
  • New Study Case Overview
  • Improved Python scripting module
  • New Transmission Network Tools, featuring
    • PV Curves Calculation tool for contingency constrained voltage stability analysis
    • Calculation of Power Transfer Distribution Factors
    • Transfer Capacity Analysis tool
  • Enhanced Distribution Network Tools, including improved Voltage Profile Optimisation
  • Various improvements in Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis (e.g. K-Factor calculation of transformers)
  • Enhancements in Reliability Analysis, now supporting further failure models
  • New and enhanced modelling capabilities, among others:
    • LV/MV load model supporting kWh and profile input
    • New detailed asynchronous machine model
    • New controller options for generating units, including Q(P)-Characteristics, and reactive current droop control
    • New control modes for PWM converters
    • Support of AC-DC intercircuit faults

The installation files can be retrieved from our new DIgSILENT Download Area. For more information on new features and enhancements, please refer also to the document "What's New in PowerFactory 15.2", which is also made available on the download platform.




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Registered Users of companies with valid guarantee/maintenance can download the new PowerFactory 15.2 from our Download Area
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