October 01, 2009

PowerFactory Short-Circuit Method IEC 61363 released

On October 1st, 2009 DIgSILENT has released a further short circuit analysis calculation method according to the IEC-61363 standard, now forming part of the PowerFactory version 14 basic functions. The IEC-61363 defines procedures for calculating short-circuit currents in three-phase AC electrical installations of ships and mobile and fixed offshore units.

The PowerFactory implementation fully covers the IEC-61363 definitions. However, further extensions have been implemented to cope with most actual user requirements.
Such extensions are:

  • Consideration of "External Grids", "Voltages Sources" and "Static Generators"
  • Consideration of "Common Impedances" and "3-winding transformers"

In addition to the IEC-61363 short circuit calculation procedures, the PowerFactory implementation features the option to execute a full electromagnetic simulation (EMT) to be initiated via the short circuit menu by just activating the respective option. This additional, high precision short circuit calculation method applied to the power system considered in full detail, provides further valuable information to the design engineer, especially when it is required to judge available reserve margins, and, when power systems objects must be considered, which are not covered by the IEC-61363 norm.

To use this additional EMT simulation method, the PowerFactory EMT module is required. A full description of the PowerFactory IEC-61363 implementation can be found in the following Technical Reference.

Technical Reference – Short-Circuit Method IEC 61363

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