April 16, 2008

PowerFactory V14 (Beta) released

After completion of a comprehensive test phase, DIgSILENT GmbH has now released the Beta version of PowerFactory V14 to all its users entitled for free software upgrades.

PowerFactory V14 continues with the successful concepts of the PowerFactory software while adding powerful new features improving the business processes of network planners, network operators, consultants and researchers.

The focus of the most important V14 improvements is on:

  • Highly efficient data management
  • Powerful graphical capabilities
  • Ultra-fast and accurate analysis algorithms
  • New and improved models

Some of the highlights are:

PowerFactory V14 perfectly supports teams working on the same power system model. The introduction of Master Project Management, Project Versioning and Project Deriving along with Project Compare- and Merge tools, make concurrent model building and data entry very easy.

The new "Roll Back" function allows the retrieval of any past state of a PowerFactory Project. Hence, lost data or unintended model changes are definitely history.

The idea of a "model" extends into the dimension of time. A PowerFactory V14 model may span a period of months or even years considering all network expansions, planned outages and other system events. This is possible using the new time-stamping mechanisms of PowerFactory and the corresponding tools for managing time-stamped model variations.

Operational libraries organize operational scenarios and can be combined with any time-state of the model. The independent management of model variations and operational scenarios adds a high degree of flexibility to the study case administration.

Besides improved data management functionality, PowerFactory V14 comes with new algorithms, models and graphical capabilities. Some important developments are:

  • Substation models with unrestricted flexibility
  • Single-line diagrams with different levels of detail:
    • Overview diagrams with nodes and branches
    • Detailed bus-bar and switch representation
    • Simplified bus-bar and switch representation
    • Integration of overview and substation diagrams
  • Fast and flexible contingency analysis considering time phases and post-fault actions
  • New network reduction algorithm
  • Improvements to the "Complete Short Circuit Method"
  • DC-Loadflow
  • Contingency constraint economic dispatch
  • Coordination Wizard for automatic settings calculation
  • CT verification according to IEC 60044
  • Reliability: New failure models and improved failure effect analysis (e.g. sectionalizing, station access times)
  • Static Generator model for PV-cells, fuel cells, batteries
  • Virtual power plant model
  • Flexible, voltage-dependent generator capability curve

And many more "nice to have" feature

Prior to the final release of V14, users are encouraged to execute compatibility and stability runs prior to let V14 become productive especially in large multi-user environments.

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