June 17, 2011

PowerFactory Version 14.1 Released

After completion of a comprehensive test phase DIgSILENT GmbH has now released PowerFactory Version 14.1 being a further step for optimally supporting the simulation of renewable energies and its aspects for their successful grid integration.

Most important new features and enhancements related to simulation and analysis of Renewables are:

  • Standard dynamic models of wind turbine generators, PV and battery storage systems of different types and sizes.
  • New short circuit method for the accurate representation of converter driven generators (Wind, PV, etc.)
  • Power quality assessment (harmonics, flicker) according to IEC 61000-3-6/7, IEC 61400-21
  • Monte Carlo simulation for generation adequacy assessment
  • Flicker-meter according to IEC 61000-4-15 and IEC 61000-3-7
  • Appropriate graphical representations of wind turbine generators, photovoltaic systems, fuel cell systems, battery storage systems

Ultra-fast contingency screening is now supported also on basis of switching schemes via parallel computing mechanisms. The user has now the option to specify a list of computing resources via IP addresses. The contingency engine will then automatically distribute the contingency list to be processed on the various machines available. Contingency screening results will be collected, further processed, displayed and reported centrally.

Further key features of PowerFactory v14.1 are:

  • Improved functions for reliability assessment
  • Improved functions for the optimization of distribution networks
  • CIM import/export (IEC 61970) with ENTSO-E profile
  • True 64-bit version available

For detailed information on all new features and enhancements, please download the document "What's New in PowerFactory Version 14.1" from the PowerFactory Support Area. Detailed information is also given in the new User's Manual which is included in the software.

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