December 09, 2009

South African grid study "Grid Integration of Wind Energy in the Western Cape" completed

DIgSILENT has completed a high level feasibility study for the integration of up to 2800 MW of wind generation in the Western Cape / South Africa. The feasibility study was one of the major objectives of the joint project of GTZ/ESKOM and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (D:EA&DP) primarily analysing the impact of planned wind generation projects on the South African Transmission Grid.

Key study results:

  • It will be possible to integrate up to 2800MW of wind generation without any major transmission network upgrades.
  • At subtransmission and distribution levels, substantial network upgrades will be required.
  • Generally, the Cape transmission system offers good conditions for the integration of wind generation considering the following key aspects:
    • Power imports into the Cape will be reduced
    • Pump storage schemes and a large number of peak load power plants are available for compensating wind generation volatility

The high level feasibility study has identified a number of additional research activities incl.:

  • Capacity credit studies
  • Impact of wind generation on power balancing
  • Impact on fuel cost savings, reduction of CO2-emissions

The gtz newsletter summarizing the major activities and project background is available via:

The same link is giving access to the complete grid study executed by DIgSILENT GmbH.

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