May 11, 2010

W2E wind turbine goes online with unit certificate using a certified PowerFactory model

As one of the first wind turbines, the W100, 2,5 MW turbine, developed by W2E and produced and marketed by Fuhrländer AG (FL2500-100) has received a unit certificate for compliance with the German SDLWindV, which is part of the German Renewable Energy Act.

The certification process has been supported by various partners of W2E;
The world's leading converter manufacturer, CONVERTEAM, developed the actuation and control algorithms for the power electronics converters that can also be executed by DIgSILENT PowerFactory for simulation. W2E integrated the turbine regulator, the wind models, the rotor blade models and the models for the drive train, the pitch system, the generator, the transformer and the wind park network. DIgSILENT helped with the overall integration of the model
With this approach, a highly accurate model could be developed that matches the real turbine response almost perfectly.

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