Übertragung und Verteilung

Power system studies and engineering expertise for planning, designing and optimizing transmssion and distribution systems. Implementation of complex studies such as SSR-analysis, PSS-tuning, grid stability trouble shooting and optimisation. More than 30 years in consulting expertise are supporting you in conserving and optimizing your assets and to adopt to fast changing market conditions.


DIgSILENT has a long tradition and extensive experience in industrial power supply and distribution system planning and optimization. Specific requirements of industrial systems such as specific power quality pattern, increased reliability, islanded operation, voltage recovery needs and emergency situation handling, is requiring specific experience and expertise.


DIgSILENT offers a wide range of specialized engineering services related to system operation planning and optimization. Typical service aspects are transfer capacity considerations on basis of contingency and voltage stability analysis, spinning reserve and transient stability issues as well protection coordination optimization and operation economics. 

Einhaltung von Grid Codes

Transmission Codes and Distribution Codes define individual needs to guarantee economic and reliable operation of interconnected systems. DIgSILENT is executingGrid Code compliance studies being required for ensuring that power supply quality and reliability as well as grid stability are fully maintained under liberalized market conditions.

Erneuerbare Energien

DIgSILENT offers a wide range of specialized services in the field of renewable and non-conventional energy such as capacity credit studies for wind- and solar power, feasibility studies for integrating large amount of renewable energies via AC or DC technologies as well as various kind of impact studies incl. operation reserve and voltage recovery consideration.