DIgSILENT StationWare provides a reliable central protection settings database and management system for the complete power system substation data, both to manage the various control parameters and to centrally store substation related information. StationWare is based on the latest .NET technology.

StationWare stores and records all settings in a central database, allows modelling of all relevant workflow sequences, provides quick access to relay manuals, interfaces with manufacturer-specific relay settings software, and integrates with PowerFactory software, allowing powerful and easy-to-use settings coordination studies.

Link to PowerFactory

PowerFactory's data exchange facility allows it to access the settings stored in StationWare, such that these may be used as input for the powerful PowerFactory system simulation and protection setting tools. Settings that are calculated by using these tools may then be transferred back to StationWare.

What is the idea behind StationWare?

Modern numerical relays have a large number of settings that are determined, stored and communicated by proprietary software solutions (these may even be suitable for only a particular manufacturer or even a series or type of relay). This results in a fragmented and distributed settings "database." DIgSILENT StationWare provides a single system that incorporates all such different device protocols, thereby providing one manageable software data storage system, based on modern IT techniques, facilitating data interfacing and exchange in a transparent and hassle free manner.


The StationWare Brochure can be found in the Public section on our Download Area.